American Payment Systems of Omaha, Nebraska to Offer Education on New EMV-Compliant Processing Systems

By apsystemswp
In February 9, 2015

American Payment Systems (APS) is excited to announce that the company will be assisting business clients with the transition to EMV-compliant processing systems.  With an EMV (European MasterCard and Visa) chip, processing is totally encrypted and it is impossible to hack or grab private information as is common off of the traditional magnetic strip.  The biggest role APS will play in the coming months is in educating merchants about the new technology and how to utilize it, as well as preparing its clients for the changes that will accompany the widespread adoption of the new system.

Headquartered in Omaha, NE, American Payment Systems is the best solution provider for your electronic payment needs.  For over 30 years, American Payment Systems has provided the expertise and reliability to enable merchants to accept payments through the use of innovative, user friendly technology.  From the establishment of a merchant account to the support of their merchant training program, American Payment Systems provides a one-stop shop for all types of transaction processing.  Locally and family owned and operated, American Payment Systems can design a merchant processing solution that meets all of your business’ needs.

For more information about American Payment Systems or the new Clover Station POS system, please call (402) 502-9985, toll free at (888) 692-5285, or visit

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