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In March 12, 2015
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New Scam -Merchants, Take Note!


Well folks, there is a new scam out there and we would like to help keep you one step ahead of the scammers.  There is currently an unscrupulous competitor out there contacting merchants nationwide saying that they are “calling on behalf of your merchant card processor”.  This should always raise red flags and thankfully it did.


Lucky for all of us, we have merchants that are familiar with our staff and their reps, and several of those merchants have reached out to us to check on the legitimacy of this call. These calls are not legitimate, and  merchants need to know about this.


With the switch to EMV, this is a very vulnerable time for merchants and their businesses, so we want to be sure that you know about these attempts, and always call us if you receive a communication “on behalf of your merchant card processor”. Or even a call that raises your suspicions.


Also a reminder that we have a meet or beat policy.  Just as our merchant’s industries change over time, ours does as well -pretty constantly in fact. When you signed up with us, we offered the best rate available at that time -however we are always open to re-evaluating pricing.  Not only that- we want to educate our merchants on their pricing and changes in the industry, so when competitors come uh knockin’ you can make educated decisions. If you’re ever unsure, you can always come to us for help and answers.

Our industry is a dirty one, so just keep your eyes open and work with us to help protect your business. Our reps are always here for questions and concerns, so please feel free to contact us.

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