Virtual Terminals

Virtual Terminals

American Payment Services offers virtual terminal services to process credit card transactions online. The APS solution for virtual terminal is called EFSNET. This is a secure, browser-based application that enables businesses to authorize, process and manage credit card transactions from any computer that has an Internet connection.

Who uses EFSNET?

Whether you sell online, take phone orders, mail orders or just need a simple method of processing transactions directly from any Web-enabled PC, EFSNET will provide the processing functions of a physical POS terminal at an affordable price. EFSNET is a great solution for all business professionals, ranging from medical and legal services to government agencies and general retailers such as health and beauty.

How does EFSNET work?

EFSNET works through any Web-enabled PC to transmit payment information. Credit card transactions are manually entered or swiped through a mag-stripe reader. The mag-stripe reader reduces the risk of fraud and lowers the transaction rate for the business owner.

How does EFSNET benefit you?

EFSNET offers business owners flexibility in payment processing. Benefits include:

  • Process transactions in 2-4 seconds
  • Simplify payment processing online
  • Enjoy convenient access from any Web-enabled computer
  • Reduce charge-back risk versus manual imprints
  • Secure all transactions with pre-authorization and encryption

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