American Payment Systems: Visa Eases EMV Liability, Adoption Procedures

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In February 4, 2017
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According to Jim Barnes, owner of American Payment Systems (, the restaurant industry is among those that have been impacted most by the shift to EMV-compliant payment processing systems. He is happy to report that key adjustments have been made which could potentially affect many businesses in the Omaha Metro.

Visa recently announced that restaurant merchants lacking an approved EMV credit card processor will no longer have to pay fraudulent Visa or MasterCard charges under $25. It has also capped the number of chargebacks that could be levied on restaurants to ten per account, regardless of how large a tab was charged on an illegitimate card.

“While it remains in your best interest to protect your business by upgrading to a system with the ability to process EMV chip cards across the board, these concessions are still beneficial for restaurant owners to factor into their decision-making process,” Barnes notes. “They are intended to help streamline the adoption of EMV cards in order to help business owners avoid incurring losses since the shift in liability to the merchant in the event that a fraudulent credit card transaction takes place.”

Visa also reported that in an effort to help restaurants get faster approval to use a chip-reading terminal, it would change the process. Prior to this announcement, restaurants couldn’t begin using one of the devices until the system was certified as safe by Visa or a designated representative. Going forward, third parties such as American Payment Systems can “self-certify” that the system they installed is secure.

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